Instead, two buttons must be pressed simultaneously. I do wish that it had RCA line level inputs in addition to the mic inputs. The XLR connections have phantom power, allowing you to use your favorite condenser mic. I highly recommend the bag for it as well. Including these small, but essential items would have been a thoughtful courtesy and probably created a happier state of mind with the new purchase; 7 No remote control is provided or supported. Inputs and buttons are durable. Folders containing files can not be deleted at all.

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When the Windows SmartScreen is displayed upon installing the driver, roland edirol perform the following procedure: Even with only one phantom-powered mic attached the batteries last just a few hours, even while not recording, and they get very hot in the process!

Roland – Support – UA – Driver e aggiornamenti

Eeirol this potentially innovative field recorder could have been roland edirol great recorder with very little effort or extra roland edirol and manufacturing costs, because it inexplicably did not incorporate several obvious and thoughtful refinements common in other units, and because the recorder does not come ready for use, I have awarded the R only 3 stars.

Roland edirol a review rtbtfxyrtayvzwvecvdxsz. Instead, two buttons must be pressed simultaneously.

Internal speakers are pretty much worthless, but that’s not why you buy this piece of equipment. Rated 4 out of 5 by BlackHighlander roland edirol Great Beginner’s Recorder Other than the lack of gain control in addition to and separate from roland edirol level control, the need high recording settings on low to mid priced mics to attain acceptable sound levels and the inability ediro remember the last settings after it is turned off, this is a great recorder for beginners.

Davis from simply roland edirol best I had another, less expensive 8 really six channel field recorder.

Most customers will want their recorder edirok for use when roland edirol receive it. You can also use the included AC adapter to use it via wall power. You can also capture roland edirol to eight channels of audio by linking two R units together. I often have occasion to copy files to a separate card for distribution while continuing to rolad to the one rdirol the unit; 12 The R could also have acted as a ddirol interface.


Also, the illumination levels of the power and record buttons are preset to a high intensity, the bright glare of which makes operating the unit in darkness distracting, conspicuous to others, and very annoying. Four RCA phono jacks are provided for output connection, and a stereo headphone jack provides private monitoring.

Very easy to use. This is too bad because it greatly limits roland edirol options and negates other virtues and potential flexibility of the unit’s compact size.

In addition to the input connectors, the R also offers built-in stereo microphones and monitor speakers, allowing you to record roland edirol play back audio without any additional equipment.

Edirol / Roland R Solid-State Four-Channel Portable RE

Even low-end video cameras have it for years. Roland edirol relatively low-resolution display is the only area I wish it could have been be better.

rolabd Four Channels of Professional-Quality Audio Record up to four channels roland edirol audio at 16 or bit, at sample rates from A good, long-range remote is often essential for recording whether in the field or indoors; 8 The R has no treaded roland edirol holes or mounting provisions whatsoever.

Many roland edirol the controls and all of the menu buttons are on the top surface of the recorder, which means I have to take it out to rename or replay a take – that does keep the front of Wdirol very clean and overall dimensions compact though.

There appears to be no practical method of updating the firmware or customizing the menus to correct this problem; 2 The R was designed as a portable recorder, and owners will no doubt have many occasions to use the unit outside at night or in dimly roland edirol environments, both indoors and outdoors.


The Roland edirol connections have phantom power, allowing you to use your favorite condenser mic.

This may be acceptable in a desktop unit, but in a portable this two-finger exercise makes initiating recording awkward, day or night; 4 The level of introduced noise, or hiss, at high sensitivity gain settings, is clearly audible in roland edirol monitoring using headphones.

Be the first to review roland edirol item. I used it on house power and battery power and could hot swap with no problems. I do wish that it had RCA line level inputs in addition to the mic inputs. International orders are processed the next shipping day.

Only complaint would be the read out of the levels is a little small. Over roland edirol past two years I roland edirol carefully reviewed nearly every 2- and 4-track field recorder on the market.

Built-in Effects High-quality effects include a roland edirol parametric EQ, a six band graphic EQ, noise gate, compressor, de-esser, enhancer, limiter, and a low-cut filter.

However, the unit is ill-equipped for this task because many of the switches are not illuminated, and because a number of important buttons, although lit, are roland edirol small, not marked, rolannd therefore unreadable in the dark. This makes multiple file deletions an unnecessarily tedious and time-consuming chore. Users of the R will want to use roland edirol much more economical and much longer lasting NiMH rechargeables rather than relentlessly swapping out sets of 4 alkaline AA’s.

If this small unit had mounting capabilities, and if it were not entirely plastic, it could easily be attached to microphone stands, light stands, or positioned most anywhere.