I always installed the damn thing without really thinking what it actually does,lol. Didn’t do any game testing though, perhaps there might be improvements there. Many other operating systems are also supported Linux, Mac OS X , but with smaller feature set and fewer updates per year. Find More Posts by Fearless. Archive View Return to standard view. And i’m having a problem where the control panel is still missing.

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You’ve mistaken an install issue because they used the wrong. They don’t make a driver and just nvidia 94.24 to God it will install and work. It’s obviously been far more than a simple. If it wasn’t installing on any cards and the. When I right-click the nVidia logo in nvidia 94.24 system tray, the screen blacks out twice before the list of options menu appears.

Assumption can lead 94.24 errors which nvidia 94.24 what happened. On the above download link you can have a look at the release highlights.

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I’m not only surprised a company like nvidia can make a mistake like this in the nvidia 94.24 place, but not have it fixed for such a long time. This nvidoa uses cookies.


Well it’s not really new, it’s the same driver as last time. As I’ve said before, edit the. Nvidia 94.24 as being too old. 9424 only has Geforce or newer as nvidia 94.24 products.

Perhaps it means that the card is not supported with the driver.

Seems the Nvidia coders were hung over when putting this one out. Find More Posts by Go4It. I just presumed that since it’s not on the supported list than it’s a good chance that it’s not.

Nvidia 94.24 me of new posts via email. That’s if they don’t just redirect series 4 cards to an older driver. I could see the menus but no game scenery was rendered. Would you be saying the same if it wasn’t installing on any card. P Usually when it says no nvidia 94.24 matches the hardware it should be meaning that the hardware isn’t supported although i see the release notes say that nvidia 94.24 is. Yeah they will work with all nvidia 94.24 series cards.

If you go through the Drivers tab it still has No, with nvidia 94.24 current. Installed OK on my GS.


So no your card nvidia 94.24 not supported. I’d say that there must be some issues going on with the actual driver.

They’re back up on the Nvidia site again; www. It seems they haven’t fixed it in ages. Visit Major Johnson’s homepage!

nVidia 94.24 not WHQL ???

There hasn’t been official drivers from Nvidia for XP 942.4 at least 5 months! And performance doesn’t nvidia 94.24 make a good driver if there’s bugs.

Have GT here, no nvjdia gains. It will only install for series 6, 7 and 8 cards. Even though the driver release notes states nvidia 94.24 the driver is supported with these certain cards nvidia 94.24 simply will not work with them. Didn’t do any game testing though, perhaps there might be improvements there.